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Furnace Repairman

There are not a lot of situations more miserable than having a broken furnace on a cold winter night. You body continually shivers and shakes as you struggle to find enough blankets to keep warm throughout the night. And your whole family has to deal with the same situation.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Here at Reddi industries, our new HVAC division provides the Wichita metro area with heating repair services 24/7 during the winter months.

If you furnace fails you, then give us at Reddi a call immediately. We will quickly dispatch our expertly trained staff to your home or place of business anytime during the day or night. All our staff has undergone intensive training and have years of experience in the heating repair industry.

Once on the scene, our technicians will quickly locate the source of your heating problems and then explain any and all heating repair options to you in layman’s terms. Once we have a conversation about what to do next with you, we will get down to work. However, we will never perform services without your consent and you will never encounter hidden fees while working with Reddi.

We service all major HVAC systems and strive to deliver fast same-day service in each and every situation. No one deserves to be cold during the winter months.

If your furnace is continually breaking down, please check out our information on furnace and air handlers. Installing a new system will save you money in the long run if your furnace is continually breaking down.

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