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  • Heating
    $25 Off HVAC Service Call Expires: 8-31-2018 Print/Learn More at For home and commercial furnace and heating service, we are Reddi. We make sure to do each and every job right the first time. Contact us today for installation, repair and scheduled maintenance for your furnace or HVAC system in the Wichita area. We have brought together a team of skilled heating experts and repairmen to ensure you receive the be… more»
  • Boilers
    Reddi HVAC specializes in boiler maintenance, repair, removal and installation. We are GCAP certified to handle any boiler issues you’re having.  We provide service to the Wichita area and surrounding communities, and even offer 24/7 emergency service. We service all boiler types – gas, electric, fire-tube, water-tube, steam, hydronic, etc. We offer fast, responsive and professional service and guarantee our work will be… more»
  • Heat Pumps
    We offer a wide variety of heat pumps to fit every lifestyles, need, and budget. Heat pumps are often a great energy efficient HVAC solution for many Wichita area homes. A heat pump works just like an air conditioner except it also has the ability to heat the home. Not only do heat pumps come with SEER ratings like A/C units due, they also include HSPF ratings (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor). Again, higher ratings mean higher efficiency. more»
  • Air Conditioning
    The cooling side of our HVAC division is run with the same level of dedication to excellence as every Reddi serivce. While new to the Reddi product line, our air conditioning and cooling services are certainly not new to the expert technicians we have assembled in order to provide with the best service in the area. We offer commercial and residential service, including 24/7 emergency service. We offer a number of products from a wide r… more»
  • Air Quality
    An often overlooked problems in many homes is air quality. Many of us spend a majority of our lives indoors. We eat, sleep, drink, work, study, and more inside the comfort of our homes. We spend a majority of our lives in areas where airflow is often restricted. This means that many of us may be developing health problems due to bad air quality in the home more than external factors such as pollution. The low quality air in your home c… more»
  • Thermostats
    We all know what a thermostat does. You use a thermostat to turn on a heating or cooling system to bring your home or building to the temperature you desire. However, this is simply a basic thermostat. Modern thermostats can do much more. For instance, you can use a programmable thermostat to manage the temperature inside your home at different times during the day and night. You can set the temperature to warmer during the day and col… more»
  • Maintenance
    Air Conditioner Cleaning & Service Preventative maintenance is one of the easiest ways to save money in almost every facet of your life. From your health to your home, you can save yourself a lot of time, money, and pain by simply utilizing a preventative program to ensure you stay on top of the game. Your air conditioner is no different. Our HVAC specialists would prefer to provide cleaning and maintenance to you on a regular basis… more»
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      Reddi HVAC6205 E Kellogg Dr. Wichita, Kansas 67218 (316) 462-2572 phone (316) 942-9971 fax  Questions / Schedule Service more»